Furniture for primary and secondary schools

Furniture for primary and secondary schools

Each school is a new and original project. Listening to needs, relating to the context, creating solutions are key to design the idea of a modern, functional and innovative school.

Furnishings for Primary and Secondary school

Furniture designed to create functional environments in compulsory schools

School Line – ergonomic desk and chair adapting to the anatomy and physiology of a growing body. “the desk that grows with you” are ergonomic desk and chair adapting to the anatomy and physiology of a growing body. School libe is a GAM project, created in collaboration with C.R.I.S.A.F., the University Research Centre on postures of the three universities of Pisa, Siena and Firenze. Adjustable desk and chair provides a millimetric regulation, based upon a software able to calculate the exact measures for the chair and desk, after imputing each student’s measures.


The kind of school we propose offers students and teachers a landscape of spaces for learning, teaching and sharing. It is a network of flexible and functional spaces. It opens up to the local community as a civic centre that promotes education, culture and inclusiveness.

Furniture designed for schools

FEELING WELCOME in the school environment

The school entrance is a place that welcomes and communicates. Panels for displays and information, informal seating and a reception desk that welcomes students, teachers, families and school guests.

MEETING in the school’s centre

The centre is a common use space, just like a city square. It is a rich and complex space that offers a range of opportunities. It is the space for daily meetings and for special events, also open to the local community.

SHARING SPACES everywhere in the school

Corridors, corners and open spaces provide a network of places and of opportunities. Original furnishing offers everyone the chance to gather and discuss or to slip away to study, write, listen to music, in groups or alone.

TAKING TIME around the classrooms

No space is overlooked. Even the access areas and locker rooms are pleasant. Niches, benches, informal seating transform every corner into a welcoming place to chat with friends, read, use a tablet.