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3-6 years

Montessori Baric Tablets: Fostering Sensory Development and Weight Awareness

Montessori Baric Tablets are a fundamental component of the educational approach developed by Maria Montessori. These teaching tools are designed to help children develop the baric sense, which is the ability to perceive and distinguish the weight of objects. Baric Tablets are an excellent example of how the Montessori approach promotes learning through hands-on experience.

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The Baric Tablets introduce and refine the concept of the baric sense. While blindfolded, the child endeavors to discern the weight of the tablets. Error is controlled by the color of the wooden tablets, the lightest color being the lightest weight to the darkest color being the heaviest weight. The set consists of one box with 3 compartments containing 10 each of light, medium and heavy weight tablets. Each tablets is 8x6 cm.

Each Baric Tablet consists of a set of small containers or boxes, each containing a different material. These materials can vary in weight, allowing children to explore and compare weight differences. Through the use of Baric Tablets, children learn to refine their perception of weight and develop a deeper sensory awareness.

The use of Montessori Baric Tablets also stimulates eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. Children must manipulate each object carefully to perceive its weight, contributing to the development of precise motor skills.


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