Biology and science Montessori Material

Maria Montessori's biology material encourages scientific thinking. A preparation for later abstract thought and analysis.


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3-11 years


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Scientific knowledge from the earliest age

Children need to build a foundation for scientific knowledge at an early age since they will grow up to be a part of a world based on science. Science instruction can be integrated into the early childhood curriculum using activity-based, hands-on experiences that permit children to manipulate, observe, explore, and think about science in a natural way.

Children are naturally inquisitive about their environmment and science activities ahould be introduced through concrete materials that appeal to their in-born urge to explore and investigate through the senses.

Science is a part of life and takes place in familiar, everyday occurrences. Concepts such as balance, weight, gravity, properties of matter, are a part of real life. these, along with other concepts, can be introduced in an age-appropriete way, that supports children's efforts to construct an undestanding of their environment.