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The Chronology of Ancient Civilisations covers the period from 5000 BC to 300 AD. Beautifully reconstructed and updated on the basis of the latest information and findings. The timeline shows the empires that existed at the time, as well as the factors that influenced their rise and decline. The Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia are the continents that are visualised and explored. This timeline is made from material that does not require lamination. It is a special paper, it is 100% waterproof, chemical splash resistant, UV-protected against fading, tearing and is also crease-resistant.
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Pedagogically specialized environments. Certified quality of materials and products.

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Our Research & Development Department, with the advice of experts from various fields, constantly works on the technical perfection and stylistic renewal of our lines and products.

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Multiyear warranties and after-sales service. Corporate and product safety certifications. Design layouts and custom furnishings. Technical and pedagogical consultancy.

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The solutions offered are tailored to the customer's needs: from the first contact to the assembly of the furniture, Gonzagarredi follows its customers every step of the way

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Our products conform to the latest technical standards in force in the sector with non-toxic paints and dyes, Class E1 formaldehyde limits, Class 1 wooden furniture on request and Class 1IM soft elements, according to Italian Ministerial Decree of 16th July 2014. All have been successfully tested in accredited laboratories for safety, resistance and toxicity.

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