Montessori Practical Life

Montessori practical life activities have two purposes: learning to care for the environment and the person. They represent an extraordinary natural form of psychomotricity, which promotes movement coordination and concentration.


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Preparation of Montessori practical life exercises.

The teacher should, prepare practical life esercises that correspond to activities that children recognize from their natural environment or home experience.

The teacher should show to perform each exercise before placing it at the disposition of the children. Teh teacher should demostrate each exercises with a minimum of essential movements, using as few woords as possible, since it is difficult for children to follow long explanations.

Before presenting a practical life exercise the teacher should:

  • Make sure that the material is child size and suitable for use by the child.
  • Work-out the steps of each exercises.
  • Make sure that all the material for exercise is complete.
  • Make sure that there is a specific place where the material for the exercise will be kepts.